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Vaccine and Blood Temperature Monitoring

Wireless temperature safety monitoring - HACCP-Master
HACCP-Master Medical
AZ88160 - PDF Data Logger without external probe
AZ88161 - PDF Data Logger
Wireless medical temperature monitoring - logs to the cloud - B10-200B
B10-200B-Medical Temp Logger
Ezy-Log Complete Data Logger Kit - All Food Grade & HACCP OK
'Pocket Temp PRO' Digital Probe Thermometer Waterproof with Probe Safety Cover
Pocket Temp PRO
Temperature Data Logger to 85ºC with Plug-in Probe, Push Button Start & Display
Strive for 5
strive for 5
'Red-i-Temp' Digital Food/Medical Grade Thermometer with Waterproof Probe
Digital Dishwasher Thermometer
Dishwasher - Platinum PLA-339
Single Use Temperature Data Logger to 70ºC - Box of 10
88181-Single Use
Medical Temperature Meter with Inside/Outside Min/Max Alarm -50º C to 70º C
Medi Temp
Food Grade Professional Thermometer with K-Type Probe & Carry Case
'Medi Log' Blood & Vaccine Temperature Data Logger with Display & Alarm
Medi Log
'Medi-Log' Spare Probe
Medi Log Probe
HACCP Temperature Gun Infrared Thermometer with Probe
Calibration Kit for Thermometers Includes K-Type Probe
Calibration Kit
Calibration Certificate for Thermometers & Data Loggers
Calibration Certificate