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Smart Wireless Sensor - Secure and Reliable Monitoring - No install

PRICE ON APPLICATION FOR LARGE SYSTEMS. Give us a call or send an enquiry through this website for us to call you. When we have all of the details of the Wireless Data Logging system you require, we can give you an accurate quote. G7 has max 64 Remote sensors.

Wireless Data Logging System. Temperature and humidity sensors, long range monitoring, licence free, FREE software, FREE APP.
Price is for 1 x Base station, and 2 x Remote temperarure sensors inc GST.
​Plugs into your local area network or router, Internet not required unless remote monitoring is required.

Model: 28 G-7

In Stock

Includes GST


Model: G-7- 2Kit

  • Wireless sensor is simple to install and use. (mains or battery powered remotes)
  • Real time data is sent wirelessly via radio wave to the base station.
  • Both temperature and humidity wireless sensors are available.
  • Base station collects the data from all of the wireless sensors and uploads for storage of the data.
  • Both station and sensor are easily configured with the set up software via USB port.
  • It is user-friendly software allowing the users to display the temperatures no matter where they are.
  • Set-up is simple - select station I/D and get the data instantly over LAN or Internet.
  • Upload the product sheet (click below) or call our office for more details
  • Can be run on a local computer or data can be sent to the cloud and then monitored by an APP or from any computer with internet acces.
  • All needed software is included.