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S272 3G SMS Alarm Alarm for temperature/RH, analog voltage and contact monitoring.

  • 3G SMS Alarm with 6 Analog, 8 Digital Inputs and 4 Relay out and 1 Temp + RH input with supplied ext sensor.
  • AC240 V power with backup battery for sending SMS if external power fails, External DC power 9 to 36 V supply for mobile applications.
  • Includes a free app for your phone to control and monitor remotely from any mobile.
  • Monitors temperature, humidity and analog inputs and compares the levels to your set points and sends an SMS to mobiles if anything is outside these limits.
  • Also monitors contacts with Digital inputs for activation (like alarm , flood, gates, thermal cutouts etc) and sends a SMS message when activated.
  • RS232 and RS485 interface

Model: 28 SMS S272

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Model: 28  SMS272-T

Supplied temperature and RH sensor on 22cm cable(can be extended upon request) 
Complete with PC setup software, usb cable, and a no monthly charge SIM card ( $0.15 SMS) for you to activate.
10 telephone numbers for SMS Alert and Dial all or as specified when alarmed.
GPRS cloud logging of alarms.
Suitable for all Australian phone networks. (our supplied SIM is on OPTUS) 
2 power outputs for transducers or detectors or sensors
Analog inputs can be used as another 6 contact inputs
Can be configured for addtitional PT100 temperature probe systems


  • 1x Temp + RH input, 8 x Digital switch inputs , 6 x Analog inputs (4-20mA,0-20 mA, 0-5VDC) and 4 x Relay (AC240 V 5 A) outputs 
  • Metal enclosure for mounting
  • Includes all parts required
  • 12 Bit accuracy on the analog inputs
  • Has 2 relay outputs for control
  • Easy to program and setup or HLP will setup for you upon request
  • Small package size 202mm*113mm*31mm(external maximum size)
  • Hi-gain antennas available as an option SMA connection
  • Plug in connectors for ease of use

S272 SMS Alarm.pdf