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Temp Zone W1 - Wi-Fi Data Logger with SMS/Email Alerts

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The Temp Zone W1 is a Wi-Fi Data Logger that allows users to put the latest in Wi-Fi Monitoring Technology into any fridge! The unit is connected to your existing Wi-Fi Network, and your Temperature is then recorded every 5 minutes and stored into a secure cloud network for up to 5 years. The unit will send SMS & Email Notifications in case of any Temperature Breach or Power Loss.
Product Details:
  • Wi-Fi Data Logger
  • Up to 5 Years Cloud Storage for Data.  
  • No Additional Base Station Required
  • 24/7 Online Monitoring
  • SMS & Email Alarming
  • Automated Email Reports (Daily/Weekly/Monthly)
  • Unit is Setup before Dispatch - Plug & Play on Arrival
  • USB/Mains Powered with 1 Month Back-Up Battery
  • 2m Flat Ribbon Cable for Easy Mounting
    Product Specifications:
    • Temperature Range: -50°c ~ +120°c
    • Accuracy: ±0.5°c
    • Size: 80L x 55H x 32mm Thick.
    • Waterproof

    Please Note:

    • Online Monitoring & Alerts require a subscription, the subscription is $73 Per Year and The first 12 months is included within the purchase price. 
    • A Setup Form is required to activate these units, this form can be found under the links below. 

    Links & Product Sheets:


    HLP Demo System

     The TempZone W1 includes an Online Portal, that allows you to login and view your Temperautres from anywhere! The below values are a live reading from our HLP Controls W1 Demo System Fridge.