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Solution for monitoring hospital blood and vaccine storage

Posted: Tue, 03.10.2017

Dominic Perrottet MP, NSW State Treasurer met with HLP Controls last Friday at our office to discuss new technology available for Hospitals, Food Safety & Plumbing Safety. HLP Controls has a low cost solution to the current problem of monitoring blood and vaccine fridges in hospitals. The B10 temperature monitor logs the temperatures at 5 minute intervals and stores the data via a cloud server. Should the blood or vaccine fridge go outside the set limits which are safe for the stored products an alert will be sent out to pre-determined email addresses & or a voice message sent to phone numbers, etc so that someone will attend the problem and fix the situation before vaccines or blood products are contaminated. The unit is a world class solution and is used in 100's of hospitals in the US.

HLP Controls would like to thank Treasurer Perrottet for his time and interest.

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