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What is in our Vaccine Kit?

Posted: Fri, 15.03.2019

Vaccine Kit – Designed for transport or fridge failure
Large Cool Bag specially designed and constructed insulated bag made from tough, 'space age' heat reflective woven fabric. Has pockets for keys, etc., an access hatch in the lid, and a clear pouch for displaying delivery notes, etc.
Ice Sheet - Freezer ice sheets ...Flexible, freezable, re-usable sheet of gel filled cells. Place in freezer until frozen then use in the HLP-200 Cool Bag to make sure that everything stays cool. Hundreds of uses!! 
Medi Temp – 2 temperature sensors, 1 inbuilt inside the unit and another sensor on a 2M cable. Be able to see the temperature inside the cool and bag and the outside temperature. Inbuilt alarms can inform you when the temperature limits are exceeded. Also features a Maximum/Minimum memory so that you can see what the temperature got up to and down to during travel or power out

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