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Calibration Certificate for Thermometers & Data Loggers

Calibration Certificate - we can check your thermometer probe or infra-red thermometer & issue a certificate of compliance.

When you order this on line with each thermometer you get a whopping 40% off the regular price.

Model: Calibration Certificate

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Calibration certificate

We can supply a NATA, or other traceable certificate for any thermometer. Please contact our office for the requirements.

Our in house service center has suitable equipment to check any of our temperature related products including data loggers. Special Discount of 40% when ordered with any temperature instrument.

Prices Range from $60 for Probe Thermometers and reduce with quantity.

Data Loggers and wireless loggers, Infra red and Type K thermometers also.

Call for Price quote.

When you order this certificate on line with your thermometer you get a whopping 40% off the regular price - you'll only pay $40 each!

Just order your products, then click 'continue shopping', click on the 'add to cart' below. Please note that if you order more than one thermometer and you would like a certificate for each, then you'll need to put the number of certificates that you require in the 'Qty' section below. If you have ordered a few thermometers and there is only 1 specific thermometer that you would like the certificate on - please send us an email to let us know which one you'd like the Calibration Certificate on.