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Carbon Dioxide Monitor with Remote Sensor for Pubs Clubs & Cellars

G200 - Carbon Dioxide Monitor with REMOTE SENSOR - Simply mount the remote unit on the wall in an area that can be seen before anyone enters the CO2 storage area (eg: cool room or cellar) and plug in to the main unit which should be mounted in the danger area and plugged into power. If there is a CO2 leak, the remote and the main unit will show the danger and alert you before you go into the area. CO2 can kill in minutes. More than one remote unit can be ordered and fitted As required under AS5037 - anywhere that CO2 is stored or used.

Model: G200-CO2

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Model: G200

Small, compact, install yourself without requiring an electrician - safety system.

  • Easily monitor CO2 gas levels in cellars, pubs, clubs and all venues with gas pressure beverage dispensers.
  • Most systems use CO2 gas to apply pressure to  bulk drinks or concentrate systems to deliver the drinks to hand held or bar mounted taps.
  • The danger of a CO2 leak in these areas is very real with deaths occurring.

There is an Australian standard (AS 5037) that details what is required. The HLP Controls - G200 system has been designed to meet the requirements (subject to correct installation).

  • The system has a master unit where the gas sensor is, this is where up to 2 alarm levels are set.
  • The first alarm level provides a warning and also turns on a relay to enable ventilation fans to be switched on.
  • The second alarm level is much louder and signals personnel that a dangerous condition exists inside the area.

The system comes complete with:

  • 1 remote alarm unit and as an option a second remote unit can be plugged in (helpful if the area has more than 1 door or access point),
  • Power supply,
  • 1 main unit and 1 remote alarm,
  • Interconnection plug in cable (7 meters),
  • and warning sticker.

The alarms are both audible and visual, the units are waterproof and suitable for wet areas.

  • Max CO2 level 50,000 ppm,
  • AC240 V power,
  • Self testing, easy calibration and quick to install.