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Smart Wireless Sensor - Now replaced by the Temp Zone range

See the Temp Zone range

Model: 28 G-7

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Model: G-7- 2Kit

  • Wireless sensor is simple to install and use. (mains or battery powered remotes)
  • Real time data is sent wirelessly via radio wave to the base station.
  • Both temperature and humidity wireless sensors are available.
  • Base station collects the data from all of the wireless sensors and uploads for storage of the data.
  • Both station and sensor are easily configured with the set up software via USB port.
  • It is user-friendly software allowing the users to display the temperatures no matter where they are.
  • Set-up is simple - select station I/D and get the data instantly over LAN or Internet.
  • Upload the product sheet (click below) or call our office for more details
  • Can be run on a local computer or data can be sent to the cloud and then monitored by an APP or from any computer with internet acces.
  • All needed software is included.