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Personal Carbon Dioxide Sensor for Bar Cellar & Maintenance Staff

GT220 - Carbon Dioxide - Personal Protection. Suitable for bar staff, cellar managers, beverage service and refrigeration maintenance and installers. Ideal to meet OH&S requirements.

Model: GT220-CO2

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Model: GT220

  • Carbon dioxide is a killer when it is constantly breathed in. Even in small levels it can be very damaging for your health.
  • This detector has a loud alarm that sounds when the detected gas levelis above the alarm level set by the user.
  • Can be between 350 - 8000ppm.
  • Has a rechargeable battery which lasts approx 14 hours between charges.
  • Recalibration is easily accomplished with the inbuilt menu.

About the same size as a mobile phone & an optional belt pouch is available.

Personal safety couldn't be easier to accomplish.