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Carbon Dioxide Gas Detector with Alarm Level Set

GTF220R - CO2 Gas Detector with Loud Alarm. Heavy Duty Di-Cast Metal Alloy Case. Powder coated and waterproof - IP65.

Model: GTF220N-R-CO2

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Model: GTF220N-R - CO2

  • Small self-contained 24VDC powered Carbon Dioxide gas detector.
  • This unit has a loud alarm that sounds when the detected gas level is above the alarm level set by the user.
  • Gas levels from 0 - 8000 ppm can be detected.
  • Has LED and LCD digital indicator and is designed to be mounted on a wall in a suitable position to detect gasses near the source.
  • Inbuilt sensor is protected by a screen.

NOTE: CO, Refrigerant gas detectors also available.