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HACCP Dual Pocket Style Infrared Thermometer Waterproof with Probe

HACCP-Dual Infrared Thermometer and Probe in 1 unit food grade! Probe clips to the side of the unit and folds out to a full 180 degrees ready for temperature measurement. Great for any food area. Also OK for forehead / fever testing

Model: HACCP Dual

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Our smallest infrared thermometer, this thermometer will fit into your shirt or coat pocket, it's that small! It features a soft carry pouch with belt clip and includes Maximum, Minimum, Hold and Auto Power-Off functions. Great for any food area.


  • Temperature range measures from -55º up to +250º C.
  • Accuracy -/+ 1ºC
  • Response time of 1 second
  • Lense ration of 3:1
  • Displays to 0.1ºC and has adjustable ES (emissivity)

PROBE THERMOMETER: Stainless steel FOOD GRADE fold out probe is over 110mm long.

The probe extends through a full 180º arc from being folded and stowed next to the body to being in-line with the main unit which is then used as the handle for the probe. Following use, you simply fold the probe away again (when clean!).

  • Temperature measuring range for the probe is from: -55º up to 330ºC
  • Accuracy of 0.8ºC (in food range)


Inbuilt HACCP indicator lights that tell you if the food is within allowable Australian food standards temperatures. If the cool food is less than 5ºC then you get a GREEN light and if it is not then you get a RED light. Works for Hot food as well.

Best unit for regular use in wet environments when dealing with food. Low cost too. Free soft case and belt clip.

How to use the HACCP Dual for forehead testing & the difference between dedicated medical infra-red & general purpose infra-red thermometer