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Handy Volt 415V AC-DC Test Probe

Handy Volt - Voltage Tester from 6V AC-DC up to 415V. Two part unit, heavy lead and LED display tells the level of voltage.

Model: Handy Volt

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This heavy duty voltage tester can be just what you need for fault finding on site.

The two part unit features safety designed probes, heavy lead (600mm long) and a tough case. Will detect and display voltage from 6 Volts AC or DC up to 415 V.

The LED display tells the level of voltage in the 7 most useful ranges (6 - 12 - 24 - 50 - 120 - 230 - 415) and also shows AC/ DC and the polarity.
Ue this tester on Automotive, HVAC, Electrical or industrial uses.

Low cost and heavy duty.