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10A Digital Multimeter with Continuity & Frequency

General Purpose Professional Multimeter with Capacitance and Temperature testing.

Model: MS8217

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Professional purpose meter, 3 3/4 digit, 4,000 count with large display.

Ranges include:

  • DC Volts 400mV up to 1000V
  • AC Volts 400mV up to 750V
  • Amps AC-DC 400uA up to 10A
  • Ohms 400 ohms up to 40M ohms
  • Audible continuity beeper
  • Diode tester and Capacitance
  • Temperature -55C up to +1000C (Type K)
  • Frequency up to 100 KHZ
  • Duty cycle and Relative measurements

Includes a 'rubberised soft feel' case and soft carry case included. Also Includes temperature probe, batteries, manual and leads.

IEC1010-1 Cat III 600V and Cat II 1000V safety rating.