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Smart Auto-Off Mains Power Board w/- Surge Protection

Easy-Off Auto Power Board that automatically turns off any equipment plugged into it when it’s not being used. Perfect for saving stand-by power when items aren't in use. The Power Board is also surge protected to protect devices plugged in.

Model: Power Board

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When you turn off a mains device that is plugged into the power board's sensing socket, it will automatically turn off all other devices that are plugged into the board, saving power.

  • The surge protection will help protect your systems from damage from a power surge
  • The Watts Clever Easy-Off Auto Power Board automatically turns off equipment that is plugged into it when it’s not being used
  • This results in power and therefore money saving as stand-by power is not left on while the item is not in use
  • The Power Board is also surge protected to protect devices plugged in
  • The 6 sockets are marked, and colour coded, 1 x Normal, 1 x Control, 4 x Auto on/off

To connect simply:

  1. Turn off all items to be connected
  2. Plug in the chosen ‘control’ equipment (e.g. PC, Laptop or TV) into the Control socket
  3. Connect all the peripheral equipment (that will not be used when you’re not using the ‘control / chosen’ equipment like printers, scanners, home theatre equipment, Video, etc) to the Auto On/Off sockets
  4. Plug the Power Board into an available wall socket & switch it on
  5. Turn on your equipment. When you turn off the ‘control’ equipment, all of the peripheral devices plugged into the Auto On/Off sockets will automatically be turned off after 1 minute. The ‘Normal’ socket on the Power Board will provide normal, continuous power to anything plugged in.