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Ro-Test Heavy Duty Phase Rotation Tester

Ro-Test - Phase Rotation Tester - Heavy Duty - Solid Sate - No Moving Parts!

Model: Ro-Test

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Model: RO Test

This heavy duty Phase Rotation Tester.

  • Use this unit to identify the correct phase sequence for 3 phase systems. Make sure that the connected motor will rotate in the desired direction.
  • This Tester displays each phase by a LED and lets you know if any phase is missing.
  • A buzzer sounds when any 2 phases or more are live.
  • A pulsing tone indicates that all 3 phases are connected and the rotation will be clockwise.

Tester has several safety features:

  • Fused Probes,
  • 2 Meter Long Leads,
  • Safety covered (Retractable) Probes,
  • Alligator Clips included.

Cat III 600V safety.

Approved for use on all mains upto 415 VAC including street distribution and street poles.

Comes complete with: test leads, batteries, fuses, manual & soft carry case.