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Solar DC Isolator - SI-32-DBL-8

Model: SI-32-DBL-8 - FOR LARGE SYSTEMS - Specifically developed for arduous DC disconnect applications, the IMO range of Solar Isolators features an operator independent trigger ratchet switching mechanism resulting in switching times of less than 5ms.
Switch 4 Strings into 2 MMPT 1 switch.
Use as 2 x 32 A 4 pole isolators.

Model: SI-32-DBL-8

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Model: SI-32-DBL-8

  • Solar DC Isolator
  • 8 Pole isolator with Lockable handle IP40
  • 8 pole, 32 amps per pole, 1500V per pole
  • Switch 4 strings from 1 isolator!
  • Each of the 8 poles are rated maximum 32 amps and maximum 1500V (not at same time)
  • Configured with links as required ( 4 strings 2 MMpt) included
  • Contact our office for further details and wiring diagrams
  • This switch is rail mounted and needs to go in an enclosure, maybe with fuses, etc.

Installers, please call our sales department for a quote on your install requirements. 

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SI32-8 Pole DB.pdf