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Digital RCD Tester Required for Australian Standards - Out of Stock

T1900 - Digital RCD Tester - Tests RCD's for all operational function - as per Australian Standards. This is a MUST HAVE tester ! Unfortunately Temporarily Out of Stock

Model: T1900

Out of Stock


This is a must have tester! Just plug it into any power point, push the button and it will test the circuit for earth leakage protection by testing the RCD for trip level, and will display the TRIP TIME in Milliseconds (0.001 sec).

  • This test is required for Australian standards
  • The self test button on all RCDs only test the unit itself for trip level
  • This unit tests that the unit is actually wired in and connected to the powerpoint and that the trip time is quick enough to prevent serious injury.
  • If the RCD trips at the correct level but is slow in acting it is still dangerous for the user!
  • Measures down to 0.1ms, and trip currents up to 500mA
  • Visual display of reversed wiring
  • Quick to use & highly accurate
  • Safety IEC61010 - Cat III 300V