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TES-3600N Power Analyser with 4 Clamp Probes and TRMS

TES3600-N - 3 Phase Power Analyser, 1000A Max per Phase, 1000 VAC, TRMS, 4Gig reading Data log memory,(100,000,s of readings) USB interface and PC Software.
Run from mains power or included batteries.
Full function power, Harmonics and phase angles .(harmonics when connected to computer)
Max 1000A 3 Phase (clamps included)
Max 1000 V ac TRMS
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Model: T3600 N

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Model: Tes-3600 - 3 Phase Power Analyser.

  • Power - KW, KVA, KVAR, PF, Phase, HZ, KWH, KVAH, KVARH.
  • 4 current clamp probes
  • true RMS sensing
  • Datalogger (4 Gig memory)
  • Displays 10 parameters at the same time
  • USB interface / software
  • Software to view Real Time Waveform

Data Logging Capacity 

  • Auto data logger (100,000  sets data min)
  • Function can be setting the start/stop and interval time, use the store data download to your PC for further power analyzer to V,I,P,Q,S,PF,KW,KVAR and KVA time varying graph and maximum, minimum, average value with elapsed time.

Connect to your laptop for Harmonics, 0 - 31 (computer required)

  • View wave form - voltage + current (computer required)
  • Accumulates KWH and records
  • Accessories included are:


  • 4 x CTS
  • 4 x Voltage Inputs
  • PC Software
  • USB Computer Interface
  • Mains Power Pack (australian approved plug)
  • Batteries
  • Carry Bag & Manuals