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TES-6200 Single/3-Phase Balanced TRMS Power Analyser with Dot Matrix LCD

T6200 - Graphic Power Quality Analyser Single phase + 3 phase balanced. TRMS max 1500A, Current + TRMS 600V

Model: T6200

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Graphic Power Quality Analyser Single phase + 3 phase balanced TRMS MAX 1500A Current + TRMS 600V.

  • Harmonics - THD, PF, Phase, MD KW, KVA, KVAR, KVARH, KWH.
  • 50,000 record data logger + 128 Transients.
  • Displays current & voltage wave form on screen, Shows graphic harmonics up to 50th.
  • Graphic phasor diagram.
  • Calculates maximum demand with programmable period Calculates energy - KWH, KVARH, etc.
  • Current range: 4 ~ 1500 A AC
  • Full scope style display.

RS232 interface and software to view data logged data and wave forms on computer. A complete Power Analyser in a small package!


  • Interface & Software for PC for Data Logging
  • Carry Case
  • Test Leads
  • Batteries & Manual