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Electrical Apprentice or Trainee 6pc Test Equipment Starter Pack

All the equipment needed for an electrical apprentice or trainee in a tough, zip-up carry bag. Contains Clamp Meter, Insulation Tester, Multimeter, AC Power Tester and Volt Tester. Also ideal for trained professionals looking to replace ageing gear.

Model: TSP1

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Electrical apprentices and trainees need the best start they can get, and our specially designed hand-picked test equipment kit includes the key pieces of test gear an apprentice needs.

This pack is also perfect as a replacement kit for any trained professional seeking to replace ageing or broken test gear and save a few dollars in the process.

The pack includes:

  • Model: BM822 HVAC Clamp Meter High performance and small size. Suits all HVAC uses.
  • Model: MS5201 Insulation Tester 250/500/1KV test. Auto zero function. Manual test with alarm beeper & light flash for high volts.
  • Model: MS8217 Digital Multimeter with 3 3/4 Digit counts, large display, auto manual ranging relative measurement and data hold.
  • Model: AC Power Tester checks mains power points for the 10 most common wiring problems. A must for every tool box. Also has RCD trip test function to ensure RCD is correclt wired to that power point and trips at the correct level.
  • Model: Handy Volt Tester Checks AC & DC voltage from 6-415V and identifies polarity of DC.
  • Zip-up carry bag included