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Voltage Detector for Testing Breaks in AC Cables

Voltage detector - Volt Sure II - is a non-contact voltage detector for AC to find breaks in cables and wires without disconnecting power.

Model: Volt Sure II

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This Voltage Tester fits neatly in your pocket and can quickly detect AC voltages inside cables, power points, light fittings, etc. without contacting the live component of the cable, making AC voltage detection a whole lot safer. The perfect way to locate breaks in any AC cable or lead.

This small pen-like voltage tester features an ON/OFF switch and also includes a sensitivity adjustment to compensate for cables with thicker insulation.

Using this voltage tester is simple. When the tip is placed near (within around 5-10 mm) a live electrical circuit, the tip flashes red and a buzzer sounds. If you're tracing a faulty cable you simply run the voltage tester's tip along the cable and the buzzer will stop when the voltage break is passed. Safe, quick and easy!

The voltage tester uses just 2 x AAA batteries (included) and sits snuggly inside your pocket, ready to be used at a moment's notice. Trust us, this voltage tester will become one of your most prized pieces of test equipment - and it costs just $30!

For safety, always prove (test) on known live circuits before and after testing.

  • Small size of just 145 mm x 25 mm
  • Does not work on shielded cables

No tradesperson can afford to be without the HLP Controls AC Voltage Tester!