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Mains Protection System - PE-300 Mains Protection for Solar Installations

Mains Protection system for solar installs over 30Kw
Fully programmed and setup
ready for install.
Includes IEC60255 approved relay
4 Inverters max 100KW

Model: Mains PE-300 (4 Inverter) Inc GST

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Includes GST


Models: PE-300

  • This unit is designed to be used on solar installations when no export limitation has been set but a secondary protection relay is required.
  • This is a fully wired self-contained panel in a 600 x 400 x 200 metal IP65 enclosure.
  • Suitable for systems up to 100KW with up to 4 inverters.
  • Includes the following:
    - Mains protection relay IEC60255.
    - Lightning and surge protection
    - This unit has 4 x MCB’s for inverter connection and 4 x contactors for disconnection from the mains
    - Voltage disconnection and test points for certification. (suits most Authorities)
    - Mains protection relay comes pre-set for your intended electricity provider.
    - Full drawings available on request.
  • Other models available with 2, or 3 Inverters.