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Wireless temperature - food safety monitoring - HACCP-Master

This Temperature Probe provides wireless temperature food safety monitoring with built in capacity to display corrective actions when the temperature being measured is out of range.
Simple to use with tablet or smart phone:
Plug the probe into the headphone jack,
Select the App,
Select the name of the area to take the temperature of eg: fridge 1,
Check the temp with the probe and tap ‘OK’ to save the data.
If the temp is out of range, choose to either log the data or email the data to a Manager or select a corrective action to be taken to fix the problem & then save.
NOTE: Tablet/phone not included

Model: HACCP-Master Food

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Model: HACCP Master

Features include:
No batteries!
Load the HACCP MASTER App onto a Smartphone or Tablet,
Interchangeable ‘K’ type probes available for different applications,
Logs data to the Cloud for easy access from anywhere,
1 meter cable on the probe.

App Features:
Once the app is loaded, set up the names of the areas that temps are to be taken,
Set up alarm points,
Set up corrective actions to be taken if the temperature is out of range when tested.


Watch a quick You Tube video:

HACCP Master - 10-16.pdf