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Wireless 2 part thermometer for oven or BBQ cooking. Range 30 meters. Model: MAN-ETC536

  • Wireless thermometer has 2 parts. The first is the transmitter & second part is the receiver.
  • Put the transmitter's probe into your food in the oven or BBQ, set the temperature you'd like it to be cooked to, pop the receiver in your pocket & enjoy the party!
  • The receiver will beep and flash when your food is ready! 
  • The transmitter has a large easy to read LCD display, plug-in and replaceable stainless steel probe (which is inserted into the meat that is being cooked) and suction cups at the back of the unit so that it can be mounted in an appropriate spot with the probe plugged in and inserted into the meat.
  • The receiver is a small unit with dual digital LCD displays - small enough to slip into your pocket.
  • The receiver will pick up the signal from the transmitter up to 30 meters away.

Model: MAN-ETC536

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Model: MAN-ETC536

  • To operate - you place the probe into the meat and place the meat into the oven or BBQ to start cooking.
  • Turn the transmitter on and select the method of cooking & how you would like the meat to be cooked (ie: rare, med, well done, etc).
  • You can cook to an internal temperature in the meat or you can cook for a certain time, there are many choices.
  • Once this is selected, use the suction cups to mount the transmitter in a convenient spot.
  • Turn on the receiver - this will display the temperature that the probe is sensing both inside the meat and the temperature inside the oven or BBQ.
  • Pop the receiver into your pocket and wait for it to beep & flash to let you know it’s ready.
  • Very versatile - well priced & nicely packaged!
  • Large LCD backlit displays on both the transmitter and receiver.
  • Transmits and receives up to a distance on 30 meters.
  • Pre-programmed cuisines for types of meat and doneness levels.
  • Fully programmable to give versatility to all cooking styles.
  • Easy to set & easy to use.
  • Three fully adjustable timers.
  • Heat resistant silicone cable - up to 260°C.
  • Dual temperature probe - gives internal temperature of the meat (at the tip of the probe) and the temperature inside the oven or BBQ (along the length of the probe).
  • Auto-off for energy saving
  • Batteries: Transmitter = 2 x AA / Receiver = 2 x AA batteries.
  • Probe - plug-in and replaceable.
  • Receiver and transmitter can be attached together to form a neat unit the size of an average “TV remote”.

MAN-ETC536 Wireless 2 part Thermom product sheet.pdf