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TX Temp - Enless

The Enless range of Temperature sensors are unique in that they are
fully self contained.
The Model 300-032 is a Waterproof, IP65 Battery powered temperature
sensor with a Hi accuracy PT100 type sensor on a 2 meter teflon wire.
Probe temperature range -30C to +100 C
Ambient temperature for the unit -20 to +55 C
Accuracy 0.5 C, Resolution of 0.01 C
6 Months free conectivity !

Model: 52 EW 300-032 Temp - Enless

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This unit reads the temperature at the probe tip and sends it to the
internet using the SIGFOX network. This data is then sent to our data
display website for graphing and reporting. The site also allows
alarms to be set and users can log in from a computer or any internet
connected device.

Alarms can be sent to any number of users.
The batteries can last up to 15 Years (1 report per day) or with
reports every 30 minutes a battery life of up to 5 years is typical
and is replaceable.

As long as there is coverage by the Sigfox network, this is a plug and
play device, just place it and plug the battery connector in.
There is a cost of $8.00 per month for the internet connectivity and web portal but 6 months is included free with purchase.