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Temp Zone

  • Temperature monitoring for all situations
  • No more manual temp logging!
  • Easy install - 3 easy steps!
  • Step One: Place Temp Zone receiver central to all fridges. Plug receiver into your LAN
  • Step Two: Place wireless sensors where required. 
  • Step Three: Log onto the internet set up an account, set the alarams and its that easy! 

Model: Temp Zone 4 remote pack (2 years free)

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Deatils and pricing of units:

  • Temp sensor with 2 meter wire probe. Temp range: -40°C +125°C Price: $110 ea
  • Temp & humidity sensor Temp range: -40°C +100°C Price: $125 ea
  • Unit receiver: Price $495.00 ea
  • You need 1 reciever and as many remotes as needed
  • Approx 200 meter range
  • Plug receiver into your LAN
Fill out the Temp Zone Setup Form below and email to and give us a call for more details and to order at 1800 500 160 

Temp Zone Loggers -9-18.pdf

Temp Zone Setup Form.pdf