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Medi-Log II Vaccine and Food Data Logger - Automatic Set, Complete Kit Inc. GST

Medi Log II - Automatic setting data logger for Vaccines and Food.
Meets all the latest Strive for Five guidelines and WHO requirements
Fully self contained, sets its own parameters automatically for Vaccines
One button to use for all functions
No extra cradle needed.
Free software
Includes Glycol Vial, 2 Meter External probe and USB Cable

Model: Medi Log 2

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Medi-Log II Specifications              
This data logger is designed to be used for Vaccine fridge monitoring
Memory 16000 Readings
Time interval between readings 1 minute to 99 minutes.
Temp Range of probe: -40°C to +85°C.
Temp probe is complete with Glycol bottle and 2 meter lead and plug in easily replaceable.
Temp Range for display: -30°C to +70°C.
Accuracy of temperature:  Between -20°C and +40°C =+/-  0.5°C
Outside of this range  = +/- 1.0°C
Battery: 3.6V Lithium AA size (easy to replace)
Estimated battery life: 2 Years at 20°C with 15 minute record time and no alarms.
Alarm Type: Visual ON LCD Screen and  Buzzer (Audio).
Mounting: Magnetic or Hook & Loop.
Special Features:
Alarm setpoints are automatically set by the unit when first powered (these can be changed).
Main screen shows MIN and MAX temps plus Current Temperature.
All alarms shown on main screen.
Start delay is set at 30 minutes (can be changed from 0 to 6 Hrs).
Single button controls all features.
Push the button to power up the unit.
Push 1 second to show alarm setpoints.
Push 1 second to show Logger Settings, number of logs in memory, average temperature during log.
Push 1 second to show Time & Date.
Push 2 seconds to clear MIN/MAX readings (only available if no alarm).
Push and hold for 5 seconds to start or stop the log function (does not work if there is, or has been, an alarm and the unit has not been downloaded).
Download data using free software suits Windows computers (USB connection cable - included).
Easy to use automatic download, easy setup using preset template, includes download history.
Computer connection is by included USB cable.
Calibration Certificate is provided validating performance accuracy.
2 Years Warranty on logger does not include the probe (1 year)
Probe can accept HLP Temp Block Glycol replacement (no spill)

The Medi-Log II QUICK START GUIDE is included in the pdf link below there is also a great YOU TUBE VIDEO QUICK START GUIDE & SET UP showing set-up and what to do if there is an alarm (click on the link below).

The the Quick Start Guide pdf has the guide as page 1 and then a detailed specification product sheet as pages 2 & 3.

If you would like a Quick Start guide emailed to you please call 1800 500 160

Product Sheet

Click here to see the Medi-Log II video
Click here for a Quick Start Set-Up Guide You Tube video

Click Here to download Windows setup software


Medi-Log II - Quick Start Guide & Detailed Specifications and Use.pdf

typical Graph.pdf