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Temp Block - Refrigeration Thermal Mass

The TEMP BLOCK [TM] is a passive device constructed of a metal alloy specifically made to a size and weight to be the equivalent thermal mass of the average size of most commercial food and medical packs. 
The TEMP BLOCK [TM] is tamper-proof and food safe making it perfect for use in close proximity to any foods in storage.

Model: Temp Block

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The unit is placed into a fridge, secured to a shelf and left in place so that it is ready and acclimatised to the fridge temperature for checking on the internal temperature of the fridge quickly and easily. Taking only moments to check and confirm a fridge temperature compared to most current methods. If installed with data loggers or wireless loggers, the logged temperature will be more relevant to the actual product not the fridge air temperature.

The TEMP BLOCK [TM] has a channel through the centre to allow the placement of a thermometer or data logger probe. Once a thermometer is placed, it will register the temperature quickly.

The TEMP BLOCK [TM] has a groove across the top so that it can be cable tied into place in any fridge in the most convenient place for insertion of the thermometer or logger probe for checking fridge temps. This security also helps to prevent theft of the device. Should the TEMP BLOCKTM require cleaning - simply wash with soap and water, dry and place back into the fridge.

The TEMP BLOCK [TM] is HACCP Approved, simple, easy to use and cost effective.
No more water bottles or messy liquid containers!

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