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Brix Meter - TES 1389 Sugar Meter - sugar content confirmation

Food industry: Beverages, fruits and sweets
Industry: Monitoring of lubricants in machines and quality control
Agriculture: Determination of the degree of ripeness of fruit for quality control in harvesting


Model: Brix Meter TES1389

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Model: T1389
This meter is a portable optical meter that uses the measurement of refractive index to determine the % Brix of sugar in aqueous solutions.
The measurement technique and temperature compensation use methodology recommended by ICUMSA (International Commission of Uniform Method of Sugar Analysis)
The meter is waterproof with a rating of IP65 and memory of 99 data points that can be read by the meter.

Sensor = Photodiode arrays
Measuring Function = Brix, Temperature, °C & °F, RI
Brix Range = 0.0 - 53.0%
RI (Refractive Index) = 1.3301 - 1.4374
Temperature Range = 4 - 60°C (39.2 - 140°F)
Data Memory Cap = 99 sets


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