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ChefSmart APP - Wireless Temperature - Food Safety Monitoring

ChefSmart Food Safety App is a paperless food safety solution designed for a better way to record, track and store data. This wireless monitoring will indicate when measurements are outside temperature range. Simple to use with tablet or smart phone.

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ChefSmart Food Safety App
Chef Smart is a paperless way of recording, tracking and storing food safety temperatures.
The correct date & time is stored automatically and the system can be remotely monitored or audited with real-time reporting. $20 per month or $200 per year for ChefSmart app.
Temperature Logs – Log temperatures of hot or cold storage units with unlimited user defined units.
Delivery Logs – Record temperatures of “high risk” food deliveries to ensure correct temperatures are maintained.
Process Logs – Ensure your processes are within the safety limits for both temperature and time. Eliminate individual temperature checks for each process stage.
Cleaning & maintenance schedules, data management & auditing – Schedule tasks – daily, weekly, monthly, annually - as needed. Tasks can be viewed on the calendar and marked as completed.
Forms can be user created and stored in user defined folders. Photos can be stored of contractor records, calibration tests, thermometer temperatures, etc.
Managers or auditors can log in remotely and see the data in real-time.
Food Safety Program – A generic HACCP food safety program is loaded on the system; you can use or replace to suit your needs. Once a staff member has read the program their name and date can be logged which is a helpful training tool for new and existing staff.
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