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Solar Wireless Energy Monitor with Remote LCD Unit

Easy to install Solar Wireless Energy Monitor will enable you to see how much power you are using, how much green house gas you are emitting and what the cost is in Dollars.
Includes 4 Ct units (3 phase power and 1 phase solar) More available as an extra.
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Model: 30SOLARWEM1

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  • Wireless solar energy monitor, fully featured, especially for the user who has or going to install a Solar PV system.
  • Measure single phase and 3 phase supplies, but also measure how much energy is generated by your Solar PV system. (You are able to clearly define whether you are drawing power from the grid or delivering power back to the grid).
  • Dual tariff electricity rates & solar feed in can be entered to match your actual costs/rebates.
  • 2 current sensors for single phase and solar use. An additional sensor set (Part # 30 PAIR CT) will be required for three phase and solar use.
  • Included is a second set of CT units to upgrade the unit to 3 phase power and 1 phase solar, (more available if needed)
  • Mains adaptor powered display unit, Wireless transmission 433 MHz SRD band, Digital modulation Maximum rated sensor current = 100 Amp, Current sensitivity = 0.1A, Accuracy within 5%, Max cable size approx 50 mm2  SDI, 24hr Rolling consumption bar graph display, Supports up to 15 channels,