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Digital Manometer (Pressure) to 2Psi or 138mBar

8252- High Resolution Manometer. Digital Display of Gauge or Differential Pressure - in Hard Carry Case. This Model measures from: -2 to +2 PSI (138mBar).

Model: 8252

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Model: 8252

High Resolution Manometer

  • With a range of: -2 PSI up to +2 PSI (138 mBar).
  • The 4 digit display shows the pressure accurate to 0.3% and a minimum resolution of 0.001 Bar (0.1 mbar, 0.001 Psi, 1mmH2o, 0.01 InH2o).
  • Maximum allowable pressure is 2 Psi or 14 Kpa.
  • Inbuilt ports for positive and Vacuum pressures enable differential pressures to be directly displayed.
  • The values can be displayed in any of 5 units and the 8252 does automatic conversions even during use.
  • The Units selectable are:
    • mBar,
    • Psi,
    • InH2O,
    • mmH2O,
    • and bar.
  • Automatic zero function, Auto off, Response time 0.5 Sec. Automatic temperature compensation 0 - 50C.

Comes complete with 8mm lo pressure rubber hoses and metal barb fittings, all in a protective tool box.

Option: RS232 computer interface and software to perform data logging and recording functions (computer required).

Size of unit : 182 x 72 x 30 mm (not including case or hoses).

Includes carry case, hoses and manual.