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Digital Handheld Air Temperature & Humidity Psychrometer

Digital Psycrometer measures Air Temp, Humidity, Wet Bulb, Dry Bulb and Dew Point. Displays 3 values at the same time. Replaces manual twirling units.

Model: AZ8716

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This digital handheld unit displays:

  • Air Temperature -20 up to +50C
  • Humidity 0 up to 100% with accuracy of +/- 3% at 25C
  • Wet Bulb -21 up to +49.9C
  • Dry Bulb
  • Dew Point of the air -68 up to +49.9C

This unit displays 3 values simultaneously and has an option of an 80mm external stainless steel spear probe on a 1 meter cable for temperature. This can then be used for general temperature measurements of other materials (not air).

Fast response with high accuracy replaces the manual twirling psychrometers commonly used in air conditioning industries. Cap rotates to protect the sensor when not in use.

Easy to use and no parts to wear or dry out.

Size of unit : 179 x 49 x 25 mm.