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Food Grade Waterproof Professional Thermometer with K-Type Probe

8802: Professional digital probe thermometer kit with stainless steel probe included. Temperature range: -50 up to +200 (with appropriate probe). Probes are type 'K' - plug-in and replaceable and can be made to order to suit any application (specialist waterproof 'K' plug).

Model: 8802

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Model: 8802

This unit is a professional quality, very accurate food grade digital probe thermometer, in a heavy duty instrument case this unit has a special waterproof plug in K Type probe.

  • Rugged versatile fast response Standard Type K Digital  thermometer.
  • May be used for dishwasher temps (put probe into basket of dishwasher & set unit on max hold).
  • This unit has a replaceable, plug in probe and can be fitted with different probes for different uses.
  • Measures from -50C up to +200C. Accuracy ± 0.8°C (at 0 ~ 65°C)
  • Green & Red dual colour back light on the display to indicate temp hazards. Green back-light indicates temperature is OK & Red back-light indicates that temperature is in danger zone for foods.
  • Countdown timer, Hold, non-sleep mode, Max / Min, Average, Alarm settings, Auto power off.
  • Comes with: 1 x stainless steel probe (length = 100mm; handle = 85mm; cable = 1100mm),
  • Stainless steel probe holder, battery &  manual.
  • Plug in probes, easy and low cost to replace if damaged (all waterproof).

NOTE: Appropriate probes are needed for very high or low temperatures.