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USB Interface Kit for Data Loggers

8824P  - Data logger interface kit of the computer interface and CD of the software. Used for setting up or programming the data loggers with the settings you need such as high and low alarms, logging frequency, how or when to start logging, etc, also for downloading the data from the logger back to your computer for printing and or storage when logging is complete.

This unit is for USB computer connection. See also 8818P for RS232 computer connection.

Model: 8824P

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Model: 8824P

This is the Interface and Software that you need to make the whole data logger system work.

Now you probably think that because all the loggers are low cost, the software is going to be expensive... Well you would be WRONG. The software is free.

You can download it from HERE - to do this - go to the 'FOOD' category, then 'DATA LOGGER SOFTWARE' section and follow the directions, OR, we also provide a CD with the software, a full manual in PDF format and the Interface with cable and a printed colour manual.

Use the software on as many computers as you like, share information with your colleagues.

The software allows you to display the data in graph form and you can also store the file on your computer to upload to Excel or Lotus for some high level statistical analysis.