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Data Logger Thermometer with K-Type Probe & Printer with Hard Carry Case

9881 - Type "K" Printing Thermometer and Data Logger. DUAL CHANNEL! Print the time, date and temperature details for a customer while on site! Temperature measurement range: -200 up to +1300 (with a suitable probe). All in a hard carry case.

Model: 9881

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Model: 9881

Printing Thermometer - 2 channel Temperature - Data Logger

Reads 2 channels of "K" type thermocouple and displays the 2 readings and the difference on the multi line LCD display.

  • A printed record including
    • time,
    • date,
    • temperature
    • and a company name can be printed on the inbuilt printer.
  • This is ideal for QA or Food safety systems where you may need to prove that temperatures were correct at a certain time and date.
  • The temperature range is -200C up to +1300 C (with suitable probe).
  • Comes with hard carry case,
  • 1 x Wire probe, and
  • 1 x Stainless food grade 'spear' probe is included.
  • Size 150mm x 3 mm with 1 meter cable on the probe.
  • Includes a 4000 point data logger, computer interface kit and software.
  • Accuracy of +/- 0.7 C and reads down to 0.1C increments.