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HLP Controls

Electrical Safety Outer Gloves

Regular price $40.00 AUD
Regular price Sale price $40.00 AUD
Deco Electrical Safety Outer Gloves

These Deco LV Leather (Cow Skin) Outer Gloves are recommended for use over Power Proof Insulating Gloves for Mechanical Protection of the Rubber Insulating Gloves (Also available at HLP Controls).

The gloves are manufactured to adhere to and surpass all standards required (AS2225,IEC609,ASTM) Each glove is marked with Name of Manufacture & Glove Size.

Gloves listed is for Size 10, however are also available in sizes 8 & 9. Pricing listed is for 1 x “Pair” of gloves and does not include the Electrical Safety Gloves (Orange Gloves).

Product Details: 

  • Soft, Flexible and Strong
  • Cow skin leather 
  • Adjustable Cuff for Greater Comfort and Ease of Use

Product Specifications:

  • Compliant with the AS2225, IEC609, ASTM International Standard