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Plumb Guard Calibration Checker

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The Plumb Guard Cal Kit is used for the annual calibration and trip voltage test on all models of the PLUMB GUARD plumbing safety tester.

Product Details:

  • Each Plumb Guard needs to be calibration checked every year to make sure the trip voltage monitoring system is still correctly set. The Plumb Guard Cal Kit is a simple to use electronic device made by HLP Controls to quickly and safely provide the annual calibration check.
  • The unit can be used on site where mains power is available. It can be used by any suitably trained person (online video training is included) to safety check the Plumb Guard unit without sending back to HLP Controls.
  • The unit has everything necessary to complete the calibration check to the Australian standards.
  • Each unit is itself calibrated and labelled to a NATA traceable standard.
  • All leads and instructions are included, the unit runs on mains power and includes the lead check and trip point check with a simple GO/NO GO indicator. Each test takes less than 1 minute.
  • If you have more than 10 Plumb Guards in service this is an economical alternative to sending them away for the calibration test.

Please Note:

  • PG Calibration Checker Requires Yearly Calibration Check.

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