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Temp Zone Starter Kit - Wireless Data Logger for Multi-Unit Monitoring & Alarming

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Add-On Additional Temperature Sensors
Add-On Additional Temperature & Humidity Sensors
Add-On Additional Base Station
The Temp Zone units are great for universal use across Food, Aged Care, Hospitals, Supermarkets, Restaurants, Cafes and any industry that needs to monitor temperature. The starter kit comes with 1 x Base Station and 2 x Temperature Sensors and you save 10% off individual purchase price when purchasing as part of the kit.
Product Details:
  • Base Station connects to the internet via a LAN/Ethernet Port
  • Sensors can then be placed into your Hot or Cold Units within a clear 200m radius of the base station and will automatically & wirelessly connect to the base station.  
  • Sensors available in Temperature or Temperature & Humidity
  • You are able to add up to 100 sensors to each base station, and additional base stations can be added in as needed for larger locations & sensor requirements. 
  • You are able to login to the portal via any internet browser and have a live view of your units current temperatures.
  • Reports can be created at any time, and you can also schedule automatic reports to be emailed at any set time and/or day.
  • If the units are to lose power, or to breach the pre-set temperature parameters a predefined list of users will be notified via SMS & Email. 
  • Users can be added, removed and edited as needed. 
Product Specifications:
  • Temperature Sensor with 2m Probe Range is -40°c ~ +125°c
  • Temperature & Humidity Sensor Range is -40°c ~ +100°c
  • Sensors have up to a 3 Year Battery Life and can be replaced as needed. 
  • Sensors are Waterproof
  • Approximately 200m Base Station to Sensor Range 
  • Base Station requires mains power, and a power pack is supplied for connection. 

Please Note:

  • Online Monitoring & Alerts require a subscription per sensor, the subscription is $73 per year. The first 12 months is included within the purchase price. 
  • A Setup Form is required to activate these units, this form can be found under the links below. 
  • An additional 6 x Temperature Sensors and 6 x Temperature & Humidity Sensors can be added at a discounted rate as part of the Starter Kit. Additional Sensors can also be added in by clicking through to either the Temperature Sensor or Temperature & Humidity Sensor Pages.
  • An Additional Base Station can be added at a discounted rate as part of the Starter Kit. Additional Base Stations can also be added in by clicking through to the Temp Zone Base Station Page. 

Links & Product Sheets: