CO2 Monitoring

CO2 Monitoring

Room Ventilation has always been important, however has only become more critical during the COVID-19 Pandemic as enclosed areas become a risk in spreading any airborne virus further.

CO2 Monitors help detect the amount of Carbon Dioxide present in the room, with fresh air levels being around 400ppm, rooms should aim to have an occupied internal area between 400ppm & 1000ppm. PPM levels over 1000 will have side effects of not only air quality being dramatically decreased, but drowsiness, headaches, and lack of concentration.

Our CO2 Monitors have a 3-stage lighting system;
Green Light for anything under 800ppm
Orange Warning Light for anything between 800-1000ppm
Red Light & Optional Audible Alarming available for anything over 1000ppm.
• Units also display the current Temperature & Humidity.

The 3-stage system allows you to increase fresh airflow within the room, before the PPM level is too high.

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