Location monitor trial with premier window and door supply company in NSW.

Location monitor trial with premier window and door supply company in NSW.

HLP have commenced trials of their new equipment location monitor the Locator, with one of the premier window and door supply companies in NSW.

Wideline windows make and deliver to building sites a complete kit of doors and windows each packed in a special delivery frame holding the set of parts for each project securely.
The issue was, to time effectively alert the transport team to pick up the frames when empty and to monitor the frames location even when moved around the construction site or even off site.

The HLP solution was a GPS tracked unit called the locator, a self contained, battery powered unit in a small waterproof case with a button on it.

When the Building team had removed the products from the frame the button is pushed, an email is sent to the transport team and a pickup is scheduled, the location of the frame is tracked and can be moved without having to let the transport team know.

An added advantage is that the customer service team get notified when a shipment has left the factory automatically, so any Enquiries can be more efficiently handled. With real time delivery status available on your computer or phone app.
If a customer calls and wants to know the delivery time , it’s available live.

We will keep this post updated as the trial proceeds, currently Wideline man agent are happy with the performance of the system, and its ease of use.