New technology for monitoring temperature

New technology for monitoring temperature

The new Enless Model 200-012 is a very easy to use live internet temperature and humidity logger.

The unit is completely self contained, has a battery that can last up to 10 years, is in an attractive wall mount case and takes temperature and humidity readings and sends them straight to the internet for display on any connected device.

This unit works anywhere the Sigfox network has coverage (around 85% of the population here in Australia).

Absolutely no installation or setup needed, just take out of the box , switch on and place where needed.

Place sensors where needed anywhere that you need to monitor the abient values, Museums, archives, warehouse, etc

All the temps and humidity values are sent to be viewed, graphed, logged and alarmed live and viewable from any device with an internet browser.

These units offer easy compliance with quality standards reporting and are used where the environment needs to be recorded.

For example: Sensitive parts storage, Pharmacuticals, drugs, aircraft parts food dry goods storage etc.