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8852 - Dual Input Food Grade K/J/T-Type Thermometer

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8852 Dual Input Food Grade Digital Thermometer, K, J, or T type probes (2 x included) can be made to order for any requirement, type "K", "J" & type "T" are selectable. Temperature range of: -200°C up to +1300°C. Rugged, versatile industrial standard thermometer.

Product Details:

  • This is a dual input version of our most popular model.
  • Has 2 inputs for Types "K", "J", and "T" probes (only 1 selectable)
  • This unit has a very wide temperature range of -200°C up to + 1300°C (using a suitable probe).
  • The probes are plug in and you can purchase a range of probes for different uses.
  • This unit has 2 plug in sockets for 2 probes
  • Has a very stylish hard carry case
  • 1 x wire probe and 1 x stainless food grade probe (size 150mm x 3 mm with 1 meter cable).
  • Accuracy of +- 0.7°C and reads down to 0.1°C increments.
  • Using 2 probes the unit can display Min, Max, Difference [between the two readings] and the Time of Max or Min readings.
  • Auto power off and ambient temperature compensated.
  • An optional RS232 interface kit is available to connect the unit to a computer for displaying or data logging etc. on a Windows PC.

Please Note:

  • Appropriate probes are needed for very high or low temperatures.
  • A 12 Month Calibration Certificate is available at a discounted rate when added on as part of your purchase.

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