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Meat Temp - Guided Meat Cooking Thermometer

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MEAT Temp - BBQ Thermometer - Put into the meat and read how well done the meat is from the dial while it's cooking - shows well done, medium, rare etc. Temperature range: +54°C up to +88°C. 

Product Details:

  • Never under or over cook meat again!
  • This unit is placed into the thickest part of the cut of meat (eg: leg of lamb) and placed into the oven.

  • The dial will indicate when the meat is rare / medium / well done. Wait for the pointer to indicate the required level of cooking and remove the meat from the oven.

  • No need to cut the meat and look inside.

  • 40mm Dial and 125mm long stainless probe. Tin probe so that there are no big holes in your roast.

  • Dishwasher safe and waterproof.

  • One little trick: when using your Meat Temp, is to place the probe into the meat joint as horizontally as possible. As the meat cooks it will shrink away from the metal probe - the same as it shrinks away from the bone, if the end of the probe is on a steep downward angle the hot juices will flow down to the probe tip (where the temperature is measured) and will show a higher or hotter temperature & therefore show the meat to be more cooked on the dial than the meat actually is.