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Can The Greenery You Eat Make You Sick?

Tue, 04.12.2018

There have been many reported cases of people becoming ill following eating lettuce and other leafy greens over the years. One of the latest has been a case in the US where Romaine or Cos lettuce is likely to have been the...

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Go Organic

Thu, 20.09.2018

More & more people are opting to buy organic produce and thereby reduce their chemical intake.
To buy organic is often a little more expensive, however the increase in chemical awareness, increase in allergies and...

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Whats in a name?

Thu, 13.09.2018

Hamburgers are traditionally or colloquially known as a cooked meat patty with some salad vegetables and condiments served between two halves of a bread bun.
How then have we ended up with: 1. Cheese-burger, 2....

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Would you eat the pack?

Thu, 06.09.2018

We all know about the global problem of disposal of plastic packaging. Reports say that of the estimated 260 million tons of plastic the world produces each year, about 10 percent ends up in the ocean,...

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Stored Product Pests ... keep em out

Wed, 15.08.2018

Stored product pests are the pests which lay their eggs in your stored food & other products. Generally this is dry type food like flour, rice, pasta, grain, dried nuts & fruit, etc. They lay their eggs in these...

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Can food contact put food at risk ... chemicals including BPA?

Thu, 19.07.2018

Even when food is produced with high food safety standards in use, the actions of one subsequent area of the food chain could still put that food at risk. By ‘at risk’ we mean the food could cause a consumer to...

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Location monitor trial with premier window and door supply company in NSW.

Tue, 15.05.2018

HLP have commenced trials of their new equipment location monitor the Locator, with one of the premier window and door supply companies in NSW.

Wideline windows make and deliver to building sites a complete...

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Rockmelon ... friend or foe?

Thu, 01.03.2018

The recent recall of Rockmelon due to Listeria contamination is of great concern. 2 people have recently died & their deaths attributed to the contamination.
Rockmelon are susceptible to contamination as they are...

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200 Plumb Guards Delivered to SA Water.

Wed, 28.02.2018

HLP controls are pleased to announce that SA water have chosen the Plumb Guard to keep personnel safe while working on water pipes throughout S.A.

Nearly 200 units have been delivered - enough to equip all...

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Successful Trial for temperature monitoring with South Australia Company

Wed, 08.11.2017

HLP controls has had a long association with Meals on Wheels, and we have successfully trialled temperature monitoring and alerting systems in South Australia. 

Meals on Wheels aims to assist people in...

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Successfully completed trials of best of breed Vaccine fridge monitoring solutions.

Fri, 03.11.2017

HLP Controls has successfully completed trials of best of breed Vaccine fridge monitoring solutions in Ramsay Health Care Northside Clinic in Sydney, and look forward to helping Ramsay...

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HLP Controls was proud to support the Hunter New England Primary Health Network Immunisation Conference

Wed, 25.10.2017

The recent Hunter New England Primary Health Network Immunisation Conference was attended by 600 nurses and General practitioners. 

These dedicated primary care providers attended in their own...

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Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology has completed a trial for HLP Controls B10 Vaccine Fridge Monitoring system.

Fri, 20.10.2017

Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology has recently completed a trial of the HLP Controls B10 Vaccine Fridge Monitoring system.

One of the largest members of the Sonic Healthcare group, Sonic Healthcare is an...

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HLP Controls lovely product displays in Cooloola Food Services on the Sunshine Coast.

Thu, 19.10.2017

One of HLP Controls lovely product displays in Cooloola Food Services on the Sunshine Coast in beautiful Queensland. Cooloola is a progressive company that can now supply a wide range of food safety equipment including...

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With new installations online this month, HLP Controls is now the provider of choice for Monitoring Vaccine fridges in this Public Health Unit.

Thu, 12.10.2017

The South Western Sydney Local Health District Public Health Unit is responsible for protecting the health of people who live, work in or visit South Western Sydney Local Health District, and Immunisation is one of...

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​HLP Controls is the provider of choice for Monitoring Vaccine fridges in Australia.

Wed, 04.10.2017

Primary Health Care Limited Australia is a leading medical centre operator in Australia with operations in all states and territories (with the exception of Tasmania and the Northern Territory). Primary have selected HLP...

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Solution for monitoring hospital blood and vaccine storage

Tue, 03.10.2017

Dominic Perrottet MP, NSW State Treasurer met with HLP Controls last Friday at our office to discuss new technology available for Hospitals, Food Safety & Plumbing Safety. HLP Controls has a low cost solution to the...

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Dominic Perrottet visits Head Office

Fri, 29.09.2017

Dominic Perrottet MP, NSW State Treasurer met with HLP Controls today at our office to discuss new technology available for Hospitals, Food Safety & Plumbing Safety. HLP Controls was glad to host the meeting with the...

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Just because it looks clean - doesn't mean that it is.

Mon, 31.07.2017

Don’t end up on the Name & Shame file
Many food business employees don’t seem to take the same care in their workplace as they do at home. This is especially...

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New report: Vaccine Wastage in Australia due to temperature monitoring failures.

Wed, 17.05.2017

Better Management for Vaccine Refrigerators under Strive for 5 Guidelines
Written by John Cupit HLP Controls May 2017

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Keep it clean!

Tue, 04.04.2017

The very basis of safe food practices in making sure things are clean.
Dirty surroundings, dirty equipment, plus unclean utensils and storage area all attract pests and with them, the diseases and bacteria they...

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Protective Clothing?

Wed, 08.03.2017

Protective clothing is used to protect the food from us.
Many food handlers seem to think that the protective clothing is worn to keep their street clothes clean! They think that disposable gloves are to...

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Summer’s here & it appears even the bugs like a party!

Mon, 27.02.2017

Food safety & hot weather – not a good combination
Food safety is just so vital and with the hotter weather, food businesses must be vigilant in ensuring that their systems are up...

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Plumb Guard Training Course

Thu, 12.01.2017

The Plumb Guard voltage safety tester is a vital piece of equipment for many plumbers as it can & has saved lives.

Len Wallace runs training courses for plumbers who have purchased the HLP...

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Make sure you do what you know you should.

Tue, 01.11.2016

Policies and Procedures
Policies and procedures in place, whether in a HACCP System, ISO Quality Assurance System or any other documented ‘system’ are there to protect both the...

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Buy Online & Receive Same Day Shipping

Thu, 25.02.2016

Our warehouse ships your order same day for orders received before 12pm business days. We ship nationwide and use Australia Post as well as reliable preferred carriers (we'll even use yours - just call us). Trade...

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