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T3079K - 4 Digit Dual Display HVAC TRMS Clamp Meter

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An AC-DC Clamp Meter designed for maintainance people working in the HVAC area or any work environment presenting AC and DC power. The meter features a 42mm clamp size making it suitable for most commercial (or domestic) applications. Data hold (peak min/max) is also provided, as is resistance measurements to a sizeable 100M Ohm.

Product Details:

  • This unit has all the nessesary AC functions.
  • 4 Digit LCD with back light
  • Peak Hold and Minimum / Maximum Functions
  • Max 1,000 Amps AC
  • AC and DC Voltage to 600V
  • Resistance 0.1 up to 100M Ohms
  • 42mm Clamp size. AC Amps 1KA
  • Frequency 0-1 KHz
  • Capacitance to 7,000uF
  • Power 600KW
  • Power Factor 0-1
  • Temperature -50 to +900 C
  • Leakage current 0.01uA (using leads)
  • IEC 1010-1 Cat III 600 V, Cat II 1000 V Safety rating
  • Low Cost, complete with case and all accessories.