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7701 - Mobile Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector for Home/Office Use

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The 7701 is CO (Carbon Monoxide) Personal Protection Meter. This detector will allow you to test the level in your home, office or workplace, and is especially useful if you have Gas or Wood Heating. The unit displays CO readings from 1 up to 999ppm and gives an alarm when the level reaches or exceeds 35 PPM. Carbon monoxide is a killer when it is constantly breathed in. Even in small levels it can be very damaging for your health, and in larger quantities it can be fatal in less than 3 minutes.

Product Details:
  • Audible & Visual Alarming
  • Backlit LCD Display
  • Response Time within 60 Seconds
  • Comes with Wrist Strap & Carry Pouch
Product Specifications:
  • Gas Levels: 0 to 999ppm 
  • Accuracy Level:
    • ±20% at 0-100ppm
    • ±15% at 100-500ppm
    • (at 20±5°c, 50+20%RH)
  • Resolution Display: 1ppm
  • Unit Size: 175 x 47 x 28mm
  • Operating Temperature: 0°c to +50°c
  • 3 x Replaceable AAA Batteries

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