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JL269 - Digital Gas Sniffer for Combustible Gas Leak Location Detection w/ Gooseneck Probe

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Digital Gas Sniffer - Combustible Gas Leak Locator with flexible goose neck probe (340mm long) so as to be able to reach behind equipment to find leaks. Also Personal Protection.

Product Details:

  • Combustible gas detector.
  • Most types of combustible gasses detected incl: LPG, Natural gas, petrol's, solvents, methane etc.
  • Displays up to 10,000ppm. Gas level is indicated by the digital back-lit display.
  • Audio / Visual tick rate increases as the sensor tip comes closer to the leak area. Switch enables use without the buzzer for quiet areas
  • Sensor at the tip of a 340 mm long heavy duty flexible metal gooseneck protected by a metal screen.
  • Gas levels from 50 up to 10,000 ppm. Inbuilt calibration function for ‘0’ point
  • Display indicators show Power status, Battery low, and Fault.
  • 10 second response time from turn on.
  • Rechargeable power pack gives up to 8 hours use between charges.
  • Low cost of purchase & operation.
  • Please read the full technical specifications before operating.

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