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Log Et8 - -85°c Cryogenic Data Logger

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The Log Et8 is a specialty Data Logger that has been Specifically Designed for monitoring Vaccine & Blood Storage Temperatures. It is also suitable for Storage and Transport at Cryogenic Temperatures. 
Product Details:
  • No Additional Hardware Required, unit has inbuilt USB Connection with Password Protection.
  • Downloadable PDF Report
  • Replaceable Teflon Cryogenic Probe.
  • Audible Alarming incase of Temperature Breach.
  • Logging time adjustable from 10 seconds, to every 24 hours. 
  • Suitable for Pfizer Vax
  • Up to 2 Year Battery Life
  • Up to 111 Days worth of Logs
  • Heavy Duty Waterproof Unit
Product Specifications:
  • Temperature Range: -85°c up to +85°c
  • Accuracy Level: ±0.3°c (Between -20°c to +40°c, otherwise ±0.5°c)
  • Resolution Display: 0.1°c
  • 16,000 Point Storage 
  • Replaceable 3.6v ER14250 Battery
  • IP65 Waterproof Rating

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